Better Ads = Better Results

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Blank Billboard

On Wednesday, I talked about the need for websites to offer more content to visitors. Today, I would like to talk about creating better ads.

Although banner ads and text ads are still the most common type of ad unit that you will find on the Internet, companies are looking at different ways to reach customers, such as incorporating new video technology into ad units. While there seems to be a lot of potential for video advertising, for the most part, it still has a long way to go (just think of the un-targeted AdSense units that pop up on YouTube videos, or video ad units that automatically play at a blaring volume when you load a web page).

While it will be interesting to see video advertising and other forms of online advertising evolve over the next couple of years, for the time being, it is safe to say that standard banner and display ads are going to remain the most common type of online advertisements. Because of the amount of online ads that people see on a daily basis, many begin to develop what is known as “banner blindness.” Even though this creates a challenger for advertisers, you can still make people notice your ads by creating ones that really stand out.

Google Ads

If you are like me and weren’t blessed with graphic design skills, you can still make your own great looking displays. Like many of their other free tools, Google offers a great Display Ad Builder tool. With over ninety different templates (including their newly launched Elegant ad templates), Google allows you to easily create a great looking display ad. Instead of spending your time or money on graphic design, this tool allows you to focus your energy on your copywriting. While a great looking ad will get people’s attention, great copywriting is what will get them to actually click on your ad unit.

If you haven’t ever tried out the Display Ad Builder tool, I suggest that you take a look at it today. And if you have used it before, drop a comment with any helpful tips you’ve picked up to get even more value out of this tool.

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