How to Become a Better Blogger

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These days, anyone can start a blog quickly and easily. In fact, Technorati is tracking around 150 million blogs at last count. So, people from all walks of life are blogging their hearts out. But let’s face it: some blogs just aren’t that good. In fact, some of them flat out suck. That’s why I want to talk about things you and I can do to become better bloggers. Here are some tips to put into practice, and I hope you’ll share your own tips for better blogging with me in the replies.

  • Get to know your audience—Blogging is a form of communication, and the last time I checked, it takes at least two parties to establish communication. So, if you want to communicate effectively with your readers, you need to get to know them. This means truly reading your blog comments and interacting with your readers. You can also connect with your readers on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to further establish these relationships.
  • Read other blogs, but don’t be a copycat—Some of the best writers have said the best way to become a better writer is to read a lot. The same thing goes for becoming a better blogger. Check out what other successful bloggers are doing. Learn from the best, and you’ll start to improve as a blogger too. Now, this doesn’t mean you should completely rip-off someone else’s style, but there are little techniques you can pick up by following other bloggers.
  • Try different styles of posts—Many bloggers (myself included) fall into the trap of writing a single style of posts (lists, how-to’s, etc.). While there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite style, you can’t expect to fully grow as a blogger if you don’t try other styles of posting. In short, mix things up a bit. It might be challenging at first, but you’ll become a better writer in the process.
  • Know what you’re talking about—Blogs have given everyone a forum for voicing their opinion. Just make sure you have proof to back up your opinions. Otherwise, you’ll lose all credibility.
  • Always proofread your posts—Even though blogging is less formal than other styles of writing, you still want to avoid any glaring grammatical or spelling errors. Check out these 5 proofreading tips before you write another post.
  • Keep blogging—They don’t say “practice makes perfect” for nothing. You have to exercise your blogging muscles on a regular basis if you want to grow. Personally, I aim to write at least 3 posts here each week as I feel that’s just enough to keep me blogging consistently.

What tips would you recommend for becoming a better blogger?

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