5 Tips for Building a Happier Team of Employees

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When your employees are happy, they will work harder, get more done, and help your company be more profitable. Furthermore, a happy workforce makes your job as boss much easier and far less stressful, and don’t forget that it’s far more expensive to lose an employee than it is to keep one, so it’s in your best interest to keep your team happy and loyal.

Of course, keeping your employees happy and productive takes some effort and creativity on your part, but here are some simple tips that will help you out.


  1. Give your employees a path to grow—When employees feel like they’re trapped in their current job and have no room for growth, their morale goes down. It’s important to give your employees new challenges and new opportunities to grow professionally.
  2. Respect their lives outside of work—Your employees have lives outside of work. They might be married, have kids, have hobbies, have other passions, etc. They don’t want to spend every waking minute slaving away for your company. You need to be sensitive to their lives outside of work and give them a healthy work-life balance.
  3. Recognize their hard work—We all want to be recognized and appreciated. Your employees work hard for you, and when they do a good job, you should commend them. From a simple “thank you” to hosting an employee appreciation party, there are countless ways you can reward and recognize your team and keep them happy.
  4. Give them a voice and listen—All relationships boil down to communication. If you and your employees don’t communicate with one another, problems will arise. Most importantly, your employees want to be heard. They want a boss that values their opinion. Give them a voice. Let them offer feedback, suggestions, and even criticisms, and make sure you actually listen and even act on their feedback.
  5. Offer flexibility—The 9-to-5 grind can kill employee morale. It’s hard to stay positive and happy when you’re forced to show up at the same time day in and day out. Maybe it’s time to consider offering flexible work options. Perhaps you could give employees telecommuting options, or maybe you could let them create their own schedules as long as they get their work done on time.


What are some other things companies can do to keep employees happy? Share your thoughts below.

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5 Tips for Building a Happier Team of Employees, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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