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Google v.s. Yahoo! – Who Provides The Best Personalized Homepage?

It is interesting to see how much the Internet has changed over the years and amazing to see all of the cool things you can do online. With that said, most everything that users do online can be accessed or … Continue reading

Google Adds Social Gadgets to iGoogle

It appears that Google is taking a stab at trying to keep people interested in using their personalized iGoogle page. Google just introduced social gadgets for iGoogle. Google now has the aim to make things easier for users by allowing … Continue reading

The New Yahoo! Homepage

For years, Yahoo has had the same look and feel. Soon they will be launching a brand new homepage that will showcase many of the more popular Web 2.0 services that have been gaining popularity over the last two years. … Continue reading

Yahoo! To Shut Down GeoCities, acquired by Yahoo! Inc. ten years ago for over three billion is being shut down. It is one of the oldest – and at one time, most popular – free website hosting communities online. hosts, – what I … Continue reading