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Learn How To Design, Promote, Program, and Make Money All From One Website

I have been using computers most of my life, and surfing the web for almost as long. One thing that I enjoy is finding old school websites. In most cases, these sites are very easy on the eyes because they … Continue reading

5 Tips for Overcoming Web Designer’s Block

As a copywriter, I know how frustrating writer’s block can be. It kills your work flow, and it makes you think you’ve lost your touch. But you can work your way through it and surprise yourself if you stick with … Continue reading

Don’t Let These 8 Web Design Mistakes Kill Your Website

The right design and layout are necessary for the success of your website. Too many companies look for cutting-edge, “unique” designs that might look cool on the surface but end up performing poorly when it comes to attracting and converting … Continue reading

Incorporating White Space in Your Web Design

When thinking about SEO, we often discuss what you can put into your site to help it perform better. But sometimes it’s what you don’t put on your site that makes all the difference. Remember, conversion is the name of … Continue reading