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Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin With Social Media?

Social media marketing was the buzzword of 2010 for small businesses, musicians, large corporations…you name it. Chances are, your business jumped on the social media bandwagon and has been feverishly Tweeting, posting Facebook status updates, uploading YouTube videos, connecting with … Continue reading

Why Does a Blog Help SEO?

Blogging seems to be the ideal solution for many things, one of which being SEO. Many people know this, and even more learn this, but I wonder if people often understand why having a blog is important for SEO. Basic … Continue reading

People of Walmart – A Basic SEO Lesson

Have you seen the People of Walmart website? Perhaps, you’ve already contributed and uploaded a picture or two? I find it interesting how certain things go viral on the Internet. Typically, I see low grade YouTube videos or cheesy webpages … Continue reading

Yahoo! Acquires – Was This a Good Idea???

Yahoo! has had it’s share of struggles over the years. As we are all well aware, the company has been faced with the challenges of keeping up with the trends of social networking. It has been a rough and costly … Continue reading

What Is The Opposite of Twitter?

Back in February of this year, Twitter was ranked as one of the fastest growing websites and had a reported growth of over 1300 percent. It’s rival site, FaceBook, reported only a growth of over 225 percent the same month. … Continue reading