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The Guitar Center Method of Winning Back Lost Online Shoppers

One of my hobbies is playing guitar. For the past 12 years or so, I’ve played in various bands, ranging from really awful rap-rock (it was the late 90s, cut me some slack!) to instrumental metal. I love playing guitar, … Continue reading

Tips for Keeping Online Shoppers Moving Forward

You could have the best products in your industry at the lowest prices, but if your shopping cart process is busted, it’s all for nothing. Shopping cart abandonment is something online companies are constantly fighting to reduce. The good news … Continue reading

5 Reasons Buyers Abandon Your Shopping Cart

Did you know most online retailers suffer from a shopping cart abandonment rate between 50-60%? Is this happening to you? If so, you’re probably wondering why customers are ditching you just when you think you’ve closed the deal. Thankfully, I … Continue reading