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How To Research and Target Keywords For Search Engine Marketing (Part Two)

In my previous article about teaching how to research and target keywords, I explained about the importance of targeting keywords that generate qualified traffic. Now that you have an understanding of why it’s important to rank for relevant keywords as … Continue reading

How To Research and Target Keywords For Search Engine Marketing (Part One)

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How To Find Keywords Using Google Wonder Wheel

Discover Google Wonder Wheel and How This Program Can Help You With Keyword Research I make money on the Internet by creating blogs and websites that target profitable keywords in search engines. Knowing and having a general to moderate understanding … Continue reading

How To Get Help With SEO?

So you just started a business website or a blog and now you’ve heard all the hype about ranking #1 in Google and how much traffic you can get for free. You’ve read a few articles, wasted a few hundred … Continue reading

How To Choose The Right Keywords To Target

In the business of search engine marketing, choosing the correct keywords to target is crucial towards the overall success in your online business. The folks who use Pay Per Click services, such as the Google AdWords program, their overall success … Continue reading