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SEO and Splash Pages

Typically, a splash page is designed to catch the attention of a human visitor through use of a large graphic, a Flash movie, or some other technological item.  While this may indeed attract the attention of your human visitors, visiting … Continue reading

SEO Friendly Friday – Keyword Optimizing, Search Marketing Tactics and SEO Guides

During the week I spend some time reading up on the latest news and gossip within the search engine market and week to week I end up having quite a few articles that I end up bookmarking or adding into … Continue reading

How To Communicate SEO To Your Web Developer

“I don’t want to talk about SEO. I don’t believe in it!” claim some web developers when approached about the ever-popular subject. However, you know otherwise. You need to convince your web developer of SEO importance. What is the best … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Search Engines, Optimization and Web Design

The basis of good web design is also often what makes search engine optimization effective in the ability of the search engine spiders to index web pages. Follow the Industry Leader When you are dealing with Google it is important … Continue reading

Some Things to Know About Developing a Traffic Worthy Site

Developing a highly visited website, a “traffic worthy site”, is essential for your web site’s success. While developing the site, however, you need to keep in mind that not only is your site going to be seen by the human … Continue reading