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What is a Social Media News Release?

As social media becomes more and more entwined with daily life, it continues to change how we do business at virtually all levels. Most importantly, it has redefined marketing as we know it, and created an entire new segment of … Continue reading

Is Your Press Release Actually Newsworthy?

Thanks to low quality press release directories, a lot of us have lost sight of what press releases are really supposed to be. A press release is supposed to be a piece that highlights a news story the media might … Continue reading

Why Marketing Speak Has No Place In Press Releases

Recently, Adam Sherk did some research and came up with a list of the most overused buzzwords and marketing speak in press releases. For anyone who writes press releases or companies that use them, this list is an eye-opener and … Continue reading

Bring Free Traffic to Your Web Site

Every owner of a website is interested in finding ways of getting more people to come visit their website. Many of the steps are the same as getting potential customers to come into your brick front store. There are more … Continue reading