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Why Infographics Make Excellent Linkbait

Infographics have fast become one of the most popular styles of linkbait. Savvy marketers and bloggers are using infographics to drive traffic and get inbound links. Here are some of the reasons infographics make excellent linkbait.   They can be … Continue reading

Linkbait Generator: A Tool All Bloggers Should Try

Linkbaiting is an important part of building a successful blog and a well-ranking website. That’s why we regularly write posts offering you tips for creating linkbait and even template linkbait headlines. Recently, I came across a really cool tool that’s … Continue reading

22 Linkbait Headlines Almost Every Blogger Can Use

Trying to craft the perfect piece of linkbait to land you on the front page of Digg or ReddIt? Want your post to go viral on Twitter? No matter how great your content is, if the headline sucks, it stands … Continue reading

How to Handle Successful Linkbait

Last month, Tyler wrote a great post with tips to follow when linkbait doesn’t work. He also helped us understand the secret to coming up with linkbait. What does this mean? It means by now you should be more than … Continue reading