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The 4 Things You Need to Have in Your Landing Page Copy to Get Leads

Getting leads from your landing page requires having well-written copy that grabs the visitor’s attention immediately, earns their trust, and motivates them to take action. Over the years, I’ve written more landing pages than I can count, and I’ve learned … Continue reading

How to Use Video the Right Way on Your Landing Pages

Using video on your landing pages is a good way to engage visitors, more clearly deliver your sales message, and get more conversions.  It also helps you keep visitors on your website longer. When used properly, video helps make everything … Continue reading

Why do ugly landing pages work so well?

We’ve all seen them. The huge red headlines. The sales letter format. The yellow highlights. The intrusive testimonials. And the infomercial-style sales pitch. Of course, I’m talking about ugly landing pages. A few years back, when I was an internet … Continue reading

Do Your Landing Pages Give Visitors Choice Paralysis?

One of the biggest myths is that customers want a lot of choices. Businesses think by giving their customers a lot of different things to choose from, they’re bound to find something they like. It’s the old “throw a bunch … Continue reading

Yet Another Post on Increasing Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

By now, you probably already know that I love discussing landing pages. From landing page design to the copy, every facet of the process is fascinating to me. In the past, I’ve offered tips for improving conversion rate, and today, … Continue reading