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Simple Guide For Achieving Success With Keyword Research Using Free SEO Tools From Google

Researching keywords can be challenging. A large part of the challenge is NOT with doing the actual research, but with equipping yourself with the right tools. For developers, it’s a pretty lucrative business. There’s a handful of keyword ranking and … Continue reading

How Much Content Is Needed For Keyword Ranking

After blogging for over three years I have learned a lot of things about search engine marketing and keyword ranking. And one of the things that I have learned is that it really doesn’t take a lot of content to … Continue reading

16 Copywriting and Web Design Tips For Building Profitable Websites

As you may already know, I am doing a multiple post series on how to research keywords without buying software. If you haven’t already read the first post, then I recommend doing so. After you read it, I encourage you … Continue reading

How To Research Keywords Without Buying Software (Part One)

A lot of people, including myself, are not very eager to whip out their wallets and purchase things online. I guess it might all stem back from the early days when the whole persona about the Internet was that everything … Continue reading

Second Place is Truly The First Loser

My head literally had only hit the pillow for about 30 seconds before I re-realized this thought again. Second place is truly the first loser. And I came to realize that more than ever just a few moments ago. My … Continue reading