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How to Make Sure You Aren’t Keyword Stuffing

You already know that keywords are the backbone of your search marketing campaign. When writing website copy, you know that you need to include the keywords into your copy so that the search engines can identify what your page is … Continue reading

The 80/20 Internet Marketing Plan

Common in the insurance business you will hear things like the 80/20 plan. What that means is some insurance plans will cover 80% of the bill while leaving you with the remaining 20% balance. With Internet marketing, I have coined … Continue reading

SEO Friendly Friday – Keyword Optimizing, Search Marketing Tactics and SEO Guides

During the week I spend some time reading up on the latest news and gossip within the search engine market and week to week I end up having quite a few articles that I end up bookmarking or adding into … Continue reading

Some Things to Know About Developing a Traffic Worthy Site

Developing a highly visited website, a “traffic worthy site”, is essential for your web site’s success. While developing the site, however, you need to keep in mind that not only is your site going to be seen by the human … Continue reading