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Google Sidewiki Now Available in All Web Browsers

Earlier last month Google introduced Google Sidewiki. Initially, I had a problem with it. Largely, because of two reasons. One, it was available only for FireFox and Internet Explorer via Google Toolbar. And two, users couldn’t syndicate their contributed content … Continue reading

How To Send Your Google SideWiki Comments To Your WordPress Blog

I am real excited about sharing this tip with you, because figuring this out, for me, was a huge. Recently Google updated Google SideWiki to include the option of sending comments to your Blogger blog. However, at this time, there … Continue reading

I’m Feeling Better About Google Sidewiki

The last week in September, I wrote an article expressing some opinions about Google Sidewiki. One of the concerns I had with Google Sidewiki was the fact that users couldn’t claim “indexable ownership” of their content. Instead, content contributed in … Continue reading

Google (Houston), I Think We Have a Sidewiki (Problem)?

Google Sidewiki is a brand new feature in Google Toolbar – available only in Internet Explorer and Firefox – that allows you to publish and read comments left for any web page on the Internet. However, with everything on the … Continue reading