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The Biggest Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Your Email List

What’s one of the most important things you need to run an email marketing campaign? Recipients for your emails! If you don’t have anybody to send your emails to, well, you can’t exactly run an email marketing campaign now can … Continue reading

6 Different Things to Test in Your Emails

Email marketing success boils down to effectively testing all the different elements of your campaign. By testing different tweaks and variations, you can clearly see what changes improve performance and which ones cause a decline. But what exactly should you … Continue reading

Do You Offer Birthday Gifts to Your Email Subscribers?

So, today is my birthday. And this morning, while I was busy trying to decide whether or not I should work today (I decided to work), I was sifting through my emails and noticed something interesting. I had received a … Continue reading

The Importance of the Welcome Email

If you’ve ever subscribed to any email lists before, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the welcome email. This is the email that’s sent to new subscribers to welcome them to the list, confirm that they really did subscribe, … Continue reading

Do You Know Your Email Subscribers’ Preferences?

One of the main reasons subscribers stop opening emails and unsubscribe from lists is because the content they’re receiving isn’t matched to their preferences. You might be sending them messages on subjects that don’t interest them, or you could just … Continue reading