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The 5 Worst Customer Service Mistakes You Can Make

Think that having a great product or service is enough to earn and maintain success? If you don’t back your offerings with great customer service, you could find it difficult to attract and retain customers. Treating your customers right can … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips for Better Customer Service

Customer service still counts. No matter how good your product or service is, customers will stop doing business with you if you treat them like crap. And those customers will tell others about their negative experience with your company, and … Continue reading

Saying Sorry to Your Customers

Apologizing sucks. No one really enjoys admitting they screwed up, especially in the business world. Most companies have this idea that admitting a mistake will cause their company to look weak and amateurish. Instead, they think that passing the blame … Continue reading

No More Excuses!

What’s the one thing all consumers hate? Excuses. Consumers have zero tolerance for excuses. They know that whenever a company starts making excuses, they’re going to be subjected to a line of BS and no accountability. For once, it’d be … Continue reading

5 Tips for Using Live Chat for Customer Service on Your Website

Many companies have started using Live Chat to improve customer service and to get more conversions on their websites. Live chat allows you to interact with website visitors in real time, answering their questions and giving them the information they … Continue reading