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Tips for Using Bullet Points in Your Copy

With online readers scanning copy rather than reading it word for word, bullet points have gone from a way just to break up long copy to a way to draw attention to the most important benefits and information in your … Continue reading

23 Copywriting Rules To Live By

Whether you’re responsible for writing the copy for your company’s marketing collateral or you’re reviewing the work of a freelancer you hired, your copy should always be in line with these 23 rules and tips. 1.    Mention a powerful benefit … Continue reading

Why You Should Study Testimonials and Complaints Before Writing Your Copy

In the past, I’ve talked quite a bit about how important testimonials are for building your credibility and establishing you as an expert in your industry. But today I want to talk about the other benefit of testimonials (and complaints … Continue reading

7 Copywriting Tips for Getting More Leads

What’s the difference between a website that generates 1 or 2 leads per week and one that gets 15 or 20? Often times, it boils down to the website’s copy. Make no mistake. The wrong words or a poor tone … Continue reading

The Importance of Research in the Copywriting Process

The man many consider to be the greatest ad man of all time, David Ogilvy, used to always preach the importance of conducting thorough research before writing a single word of copy. Research is the best foundation for coming up … Continue reading