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3 Things Copywriters Can Learn From Pop Music

I hate to be “that guy,” but most music that gets played on the radio makes me want to repeatedly shove pointy objects in my ears until I can no longer be subjected to the garbage polluting the airwaves. However, … Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Sales Copy

Want to instantly improve your sales copy? Whether you’re writing a landing page or an email, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you write a single word of sales copy.   What am I selling? No, … Continue reading

5 Steps for Writing Better Sales Copy

In most cases, if you want to sell something, you’ll need to write up some compelling sales copy for the prospect to read. Whether it’s a landing page or a direct mail sales letter, there are certain steps you can … Continue reading

6 Simple Tips for Improving the Flow of Your Copy

You can have all the right words. And they can be laid out in the best possible way. But just because the words are correct and the copy looks great, doesn’t mean it flows properly and funnels readers toward conversion. … Continue reading

16 Copywriting and Web Design Tips For Building Profitable Websites

As you may already know, I am doing a multiple post series on how to research keywords without buying software. If you haven’t already read the first post, then I recommend doing so. After you read it, I encourage you … Continue reading