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The Importance of Consistency in Branding

A constant mistake I see companies make is over-tinkering with their brand. Companies are always coming up with new reasons that they need to change their brands. The market is changing. Customers expect something different. Or…it’s just been a long … Continue reading

Creating an Identity as a Blogger

When you create an identity as a blogger, you separate your blog from all others in your niche. You also give your readers something to connect to, creating important relationships that keep people coming back time and time again. But … Continue reading

Top 5 Branding Mistakes

Your brand is your company’s personality. It’s the thing that separates you from your competition and that gives customers a reason to do business with you. Without a strong brand, your company is just another indistinguishable face in the crowd, … Continue reading

7 Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Branding is a word that gets thrown around commonly in marketing discussions. Sure, you know you want to create an identity that your audience immediately associates with you, but do you know how to do it? How can you create … Continue reading