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5 Overlooked Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making

You already know about the major blogging mistakes, like not posting regularly and not promoting your content. However, there are several overlooked mistakes that even good bloggers continue to make. Are you making these 5 blogging mistakes? 1. Taking too … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Blog More Interactive

One of the reasons blogging is such a popular medium is because it allows the writer and readers to interact with one another. This gives everyone a voice, making blogs a conversation, whereas standard articles are more of a one-way … Continue reading

8 Ways to Become a More Productive Blogger

Let’s face it: Most bloggers suck at being productive. They stare at a blank computer screen for a while, check their email, chat it up on Facebook and Twitter, grab a bite to eat, write a few words, and repeat. … Continue reading

How to Give Your Blog Readers Content They Love

The key to building a loyal base of readers for your blog is to give your audience content they crave. How can you make sure you’re satisfying your readers so that they’ll keep coming back? Start by following these simple … Continue reading

23 Blogging Rules to Follow

 A few weeks ago, I wrote a post outlining the top 23 copywriting rules. The post was pretty successful, so I thought I’d continue the theme by offering up what I believe to be 23 essential blogging rules. Feel free … Continue reading