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5 Tips for Writing Controversial Blog Posts

When used properly, controversy can be a great vehicle for driving traffic to your blog, gaining new readers, getting a conversation going, helping a post go viral, establishing you as a thought leader, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Does Your Blog Headline Boast These 4 Qualities?

If you want to hook readers, the first thing you need is a great headline. With the way blog posts are shared (Twitter, Facebook, voting websites, etc.), most people decide whether or not they’re going to click and read a … Continue reading

How to be a More Efficient Blogger

Running a blog takes a lot of time. You have to come up with ideas for your posts, write them and polish them up to be the best they can be, reply to comments, promote your posts across the web, … Continue reading

The Case Against Writing Every Day

“Write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write, but just write something.” How many times have you heard that piece of advice? As writers (more specifically, bloggers), we’re told that we need to write every day to keep our … Continue reading

5 Things I Wish I Knew when I was a Newbie Blogger

I’ve been blogging now for a few years at various sites around the web. Some of the blogs I write on are for pay (I’m a freelance writer for hire) and others are my personal pet projects on blogs I’m … Continue reading