7 Celebrities with Twitter Regret

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With the popularity of Twitter increasing daily, we’re finding out that you can say a lot of really stupid and regrettable things in just 140 characters. Here are some examples of celebrities suffering from Twitter regret.

1.    Courtney Love—If you know anything about Courtney Love, you know how, um, interesting she can be. The widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was hit with a lawsuit back in March for defamatory comments she made about fashion designer, Dawn Simorangkir. We won’t repost what she said since we try to keep this blog somewhat clean, but needless to say, there were plenty of expletives.

2.    Lindsay Lohan—
After breaking up with her DJ girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan launched a Twitter tirade. Like a heartbroken drunk sobbing in her beer, Lohan accused her ex of cheating, doing drugs, and being a bad seed.

3.    Alice Hoffman—Don’t criticize Alice Hoffman’s books unless you want her to Tweet that you’re a “moron” and your newspaper sucks.

4.    Al Roker—Everyone’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker, committed a Twitter gaffe when he violated court rules by Tweeting pictures of potential jurors from jury duty. Everyone had a good laugh at Roker’s expense, and he learned his lesson (maybe?).

5.    Mark Cuban—The obscenely rich and often loudmouthed Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban received a $25,000 fine after complaining about the referees via Twitter. Cuban responded with a Tweet saying “can’t say no one makes money from twitter now. The nba does.” Point taken.

6.    Jeffrey Frederick—Republican Party Chairman of Virginia, Jeff Frederick, shot himself and his entire party in the foot when he Tweeted about a possible GOP Virginia state coup. Apparently, a state senate Democrat was ready to switch sides to the Republican Party (thus giving Republicans the majority vote), but Frederick’s premature Tweet foiled the plan.

7.    Michael Beasley—Michael Beasley, a basketball player for the Miami Heat, recently screwed up big time by posting a picture of his new tattoo. The problem? In the picture, you could clearly see a couple of baggies of weed. Oops! Not longer after this incident, Beasley started Tweeting his innermost suicidal thoughts. On August 24, Beasley checked into a Houston-area rehab.

Have you committed any Twitter faux pas? Share your stories in the replies.

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