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Yahoo! Acquires – Was This a Good Idea???

Yahoo! has had it’s share of struggles over the years. As we are all well aware, the company has been faced with the challenges of keeping up with the trends of social networking. It has been a rough and costly … Continue reading

Google v.s. Yahoo! – Who Provides The Best Personalized Homepage?

It is interesting to see how much the Internet has changed over the years and amazing to see all of the cool things you can do online. With that said, most everything that users do online can be accessed or … Continue reading

Microsoft-Yahoo Deal – What to expect in year ahead

By now we all know, Microsoft overtook Yahoo Search. Well, from a user point of view, it doesn’t matter to me much; I use Google :). But it does matter from a search marketing point of view, it is a … Continue reading

Bing vs Google vs New Yahoo!

Can Bing overtake Google in the search engine war? And what about Yahoo! Over the last month I have personally seen many television commercials, radio broadcasts, and Internet campaigns promoting the new Bing search engine. I have to admit, Bing … Continue reading

The New Yahoo! Homepage

For years, Yahoo has had the same look and feel. Soon they will be launching a brand new homepage that will showcase many of the more popular Web 2.0 services that have been gaining popularity over the last two years. … Continue reading