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How to Get More People to Pin Your Content

Pinterest is a fast-growing social network that can be a powerful tool for promoting your company. Pinterest has been shown to drive more traffic than most social networks, and many companies have already been successful increasing brand awareness and driving … Continue reading

3 Ways to Tell If Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

Pinterest has been the most hyped social networking site of 2012. Over the past several months, it has grown at an astronomical rate, reaching 10 million monthly unique visitors faster than any standalone site ever. And despite recent signs that … Continue reading

10 Reasons You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic

Every blogger wants traffic. More and more of it, in fact. No blogger, no matter how big or small, would ever turn down more blog traffic. But the truth is most of us aren’t doing all the right things we … Continue reading

5 Ways to Turn Casual Readers into Dedicated Readers

When you have a blog, you’ll attract all different types of readers, from those who just pass through one time to casual readers who come by occasionally to dedicated readers who subscribe to your blog and read every post. Clearly, … Continue reading

5 Distractions That Slow Down My Writing

One of the hardest things I struggle with as a writer is the difficulty of distractions. They’re everywhere, and they kill my productivity if I don’t manage them properly. You’re probably the same way. You sit down to write a … Continue reading