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Commonly Overlooked SEO Settings for Multiple Domains

If you’re like me, you first started with a single domain. That one website that you’ll never forget. It was something you were interested in and really enjoyed. Mine was a forum/community about something I am passionate about. After I … Continue reading

Stop Building and Start Attracting!

Although Google has only been around since the end of 1998, ranking websites in regards to how many other websites are linking to it is a system that was based off of a concept that has been around since the … Continue reading

The Top Ways To Get BackLinks To Your Site

Here is an article that was actually requested by Murray a reader. He has a wonderful blog that I enjoy reading very much titled Soccer Coaching Guide. Murray is a pretty cool guy and we share a few things … Continue reading

Pay Per Click and SEO Strategies

There’s so much fretful emphasis put on search engine optimization that some website owners might think about going straight for pay-per-click – i.e. buying their way into optimization.  After all, search engine optimization costs money.  A professional search engine marketer … Continue reading