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WordPress Shopping Cart Software

I decided to launch a new site recently to promote computer repair products and services locally within the town I live. I am very comfortable building with WordPress, and it’s a very stable program. Commonly, most people use WordPress as … Continue reading

How To Remove and Prevent Duplicate Content From Your WordPress Blog

Google published a post on the Webmaster Central blog today offering some tips on how to recognize and avoid duplicate content on your website. I wanted to offer some specific tips on how to recognize and remove duplicate content on … Continue reading

How To Display Google AdSense Ads To Search Traffic Only In WordPress

I have had an interest in displaying AdSense ads to search traffic only, while keeping my entire blog free of advertisements to regular reader traffic for awhile. The only problem is that I’ve never seem to get around to doing … Continue reading

How To Send Your Google SideWiki Comments To Your WordPress Blog

I am real excited about sharing this tip with you, because figuring this out, for me, was a huge. Recently Google updated Google SideWiki to include the option of sending comments to your Blogger blog. However, at this time, there … Continue reading

WordPress Security: The Two Minute Tip

(image from ahhyeah) When it comes to keeping WordPress secure, the number one thing you can do is upgrade to the latest WP release as soon as possible (currently, this is version 2.8.4). If you don’t log into your WP … Continue reading