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5 Tips for Better Contact Forms

Almost every website uses contact forms for one purpose or another. On my website, I use contact forms on my home page and service pages as a conversion tool. It’s how I generate leads. But having success using contact forms … Continue reading

10 SEOHosting Posts You Should Reread from Last Year

2011 was a great year on the SEOHosting blog. We published a lot of interesting, helpful posts, gained a lot of new readers, and got a lot of positive feedback about the blog. For those of you who might be … Continue reading

6 Tips for Writing a Customer Survey

Lately, I’ve spent some time discussing customer surveys. I don’t want to run the topic into the ground, but it’s something that I believe is very important for companies to focus on. Too many companies have no real idea what … Continue reading

4 Tips for Following Up On Your Leads

The other day, I shared some basic tips for responding to email leads you get through your website. Today, I want to explore that topic a bit further by offering some specific strategies for following up on your leads and … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips for Better Customer Service

Customer service still counts. No matter how good your product or service is, customers will stop doing business with you if you treat them like crap. And those customers will tell others about their negative experience with your company, and … Continue reading