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ROR Sitemaps: Resources of a Resource

Hear about ROR sitemaps?  If you haven’t, it’s about time that this entered your SEO lexicon.  I’ve written here before about how the dynamics of web pages are changing.  In the past, meta tags, for example, were mainly used for … Continue reading

How To Increase Traffic With The First 50 Words of Your Blog Post

Many people often seek out various tips on how to score more traffic to their blogs. Some of the most simple things can actually be the most effective things. The thing to consider with blogs — especially WordPress blogs — … Continue reading

Five Ways To Effectively Advertise Your Home-Based Business (OFFLINE)

One of the keys to success with running a home-based business is identifying ways to advertise it effectively. When I first launched Clarksville Computers, I spent a lot of time making sure that it pulled up in all the right … Continue reading

How To Add a Floating Footer Toolbar To Your Site

I have seen an increase in sites using floating footer toolbars. I decided to do some homework and figure out how I could add a floating footer toolbar to some of my sites too. A floating footer toolbar is a … Continue reading

Matt Cutts Shaves His Head and Shows One Million People How To Become a Better Webmaster

You might be interested in learning how to become a better webmaster. Fortunately for you, Google has created a service called Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a free service which allows webmasters to check the indexing status and optimize the search … Continue reading