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How To Increase Traffic With The First 50 Words of Your Blog Post

Many people often seek out various tips on how to score more traffic to their blogs. Some of the most simple things can actually be the most effective things. The thing to consider with blogs — especially WordPress blogs — … Continue reading

Search Engine Trust = More Traffic

Our blog and a countless number of others talk about a lot of different techniques for improving your website’s search engine rankings.  Some are quite simple, while others are much more advanced. Although it is not difficult, one of the … Continue reading

Bring Free Traffic to Your Web Site

Every owner of a website is interested in finding ways of getting more people to come visit their website. Many of the steps are the same as getting potential customers to come into your brick front store. There are more … Continue reading

Reasons Your High Search Engine Rankings Aren’t Adding Up To High Sales

In the world of SEO, conversations always seem to focus on search engine rankings. I often hear SEO “experts” bragging about getting their clients top placement in Google, thus increasing traffic and exposure. While this sounds good on the surface, … Continue reading

Some Newspapers Get It, And Some Still Don’t

(image from desperate-bid) In the middle of August, I wrote a post about the AP’s new SEO strategy. Although they were very optimistic and excited about their plan, because it involved creating automatically generated pages, the plan attracted plenty of … Continue reading