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Is Google Instant a Dream Come True or a Nightmare For SEO?

Immediately after I caught wind of Google Instant, I started researching and observing the reactions from other people within the SEO community. If you haven’t heard about Google Instant yet, let me brief you quickly: Direct from Google: “Google Instant … Continue reading

Google Mobile Search Results Now Enhanced With New Search Options

Last week I explained that in May of 2009, Google launched a new side panel called Search Options, that allows users to filter search results in different ways. The idea behind this started churning about eight years ago, and was … Continue reading

I’m Feeling Better About Google Sidewiki

The last week in September, I wrote an article expressing some opinions about Google Sidewiki. One of the concerns I had with Google Sidewiki was the fact that users couldn’t claim “indexable ownership” of their content. Instead, content contributed in … Continue reading

The Future of Google

(image from gunturhanafi) When it comes to monetizing and driving traffic to websites, Google is at the top of the list for many website owners. Obviously, you can monetize your website with affiliate programs, CPM banners or PPC ads from … Continue reading

First Look at Adsense For Domains

Google has recently launched the Adsense for Domains, and it has stirred up quite a few thoughts on the whole subject. First lets take a look at what Adsense for Domains is. Then we can get into why its a … Continue reading