The Holidays are Coming- Is Your Site Ready?

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In just a couple short weeks, online shoppers will be hitting the Internet to pick up gifts for all of their loved ones. While some of them will have specific website destinations in mind, many of them will be using search engines to find the products they need. The question is—are you ready to grab this surge in online shoppers?

I’m making the assumption that your site is already optimized for relevant, year-round keywords. That’s why this post is specifically about tailoring your site to the holiday season. Here are some steps to help you optimize your website for Christmas.


  • Give Your Homepage a Facelift- Whenever you walk into a department store during the holidays, what do you see? You see a storefront decorated with Christmas accessories and signs throughout the store targeting holiday shoppers. Your homepage should do the same thing. Update the look and content of your homepage to tailor the needs of your Christmas shoppers. This shows your company is active, and it gives the impression that you’re catering specifically to the holiday shopper’s needs.


  • Find Seasonal Keywords- Many businesses miss great opportunities for targeting seasonal keywords. Does your business have a product that sells well during a particular season? One way you can identify relevant holiday keywords is to use Google Trends. For instance, the phrase “V-Neck Sweaters” experiences a huge spike in search traffic during the winter months. By identifying the seasonal trends in keyword searches related to your business, you can find new phrases that will drive targeted traffic to your website during the holidays.


  • Holiday Themed Landing Pages- One of the keys to a successful landing page is connecting with your customers. During November and December, one of the best ways to connect with online shoppers is to meet their Christmas shopping needs. For this reason, you should tailor your landing pages to holiday shoppers by offering limited time incentives in your call to action, holiday related headlines, and content that connects with them as a Christmas shopper.  


  • Update Social Networking Profiles- Social networking has become one of the hottest tools for reaching out to your target audience online. Another thing you can do to get your company into holiday mode is to update your social networking profiles to fit the season. Whether you change your avatar or create new content about holiday offers, the key is that you stay relevant. Relevance is one of the keys to social networking success.


  • Create an Online Press Release- While you still have time to optimize your site for the holidays, you’re already running a little behind. For this reason, publishing an online press release is a great idea. Google craves fresh content, and press releases tend to jump to the top of the SERPs. Create a press release about your exclusive holiday offers, and optimize it for relevant seasonal keywords. This will improve your visibility during the busy holiday online shopping season.


What do you like to do to get your site ready for the holiday

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