3 Tips for Making the Most of December

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Christmas Tree and Presents
(photo from ryter89)

Although Black Friday has come and gone, if you run a blog or website that has something to sell, there is still plenty of time for you to capture the interest of eager shoppers. People will be shopping right up until Christmas, and many will look for great deals in the week or so after Christmas is over.

To help you make the most of the next few weeks of this consumer frenzy, I have put together a handful of tips that you can use to hopefully increase the amount of sales you make through your blog or website:

Take Advantage of Geo-targeting: Although it is extremely powerful, I notice that a lot of people don’t take advantage of geo-targeting. While it can take a little bit of work to setup properly, the benefits to your overall sales can be quite significant (because the personalization of geo-targeting leads to an increase in conversions).

Obviously, the most common place that geo-targeting is implemented is as a part of a PPC campaign. If you are running any kind of PPC campaign for your blog or website (and if you’re not, you should strongly consider getting one setup in the next few days), this quick video from Google will answer all of the questions you have about using geo-targeting with your AdWords account.

Don’t Forget About Google Product Search: If you are using your blog or website to sell some type of product, there’s no reason for you not to submit those products to Google Product Search. Like just about all of the services that Google provides, you can submit as many products as you want to Google Product Search for free.

The reason that this can help you increase your sales is by submitting your products to this Google property, they will gain increased exposure. Whether you have one product or an entire line, Google Product Search will help to get more eyes on the products that you are selling.

Run an After Holiday Sale: As I mentioned in the opening of this post, just because Christmas ends does not mean that people are done shopping. In fact, the day after Christmas (and the week or so that follows) is a very popular time for many consumers to spend some of the money that they got in their stockings.

If you are looking to take advantage of the last big sales rush of the season, I recommend running an after Christmas sale. Like most sales, keep in mind that you don’t have to slash your prices to bottom of the barrel levels. In fact, the real key to utilizing a sale is making customers feel like they are saving as much as possible.

I could go on all day about how to best use a sale, but I think this real life example from Hugh MacLeod and Thresher’s will be more interesting for you to read (which successfully got recognized in the national news media).

I hope these three tips help you make some extra sales this month, and I would love for everyone to share their own ideas with the rest of us below!

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