7 Simple Home-Based Business Ideas That Could Change Your Life

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The most challenging part about starting a home-based business is finding a niche where there is a demand for service. Once you discover that, everything else should fall into place. Here are 7 ideas that I think will help you with starting your own successful home-based business. I have turned three of these ideas into successful businesses myself.

Computer Repair Business — If you have the skills to repair, upgrade, and troubleshoot computer problems, then starting a local computer repair business may be an excellent choice for you.

I run a successful local computer repair business called Clarksville Computers. I handle all the phone calls, my girlfriend handles all the pickups and deliveries, and I have three repair techs that work on commission. It only took three weeks to get the business launched and customers calling in.

Web Design Business — If you’re a blogger, then it’s likely that you have acquired the skills needed to become a web designer. You’re probably familiar with tweaking HTML and PHP code, search engine marketing, domain name selection, keyword targeting, and installing and modifying templates and themes. These skills are very valuable and can be used to help local businesses in your area.

I own a budget web design business and have incorporated all my localized Internet marketing skills into a service. In fact, if you love HostGator, you can incorporate their affiliate program into your business model and offer customers free web design services while picking up sales commission off the back end.

Home Repair Business — If you’re a family guy like me, then over the years, it’s likely that you have acquired the skills needed to become a handyman. You’re probably familiar with painting, repairing holes in drywall, re-surfacing cabinets, repairing minor plumbing and electrical problems, cleaning gutters, installing wood or tile flooring. These are skills that can be used towards running successful home repair business. I am in the process of launching Clarksville Home Repairs.

Home repair is a business where the “middle man” is actually needed. Hiring a contractor to do basic and general home repairs is not cost effective. But also, many home owners do not want to do their own repairs. That’s where the “general repair” or handyman comes into play.

House Cleaning Service — Launching your own house cleaning business can be very lucrative. Not many people enjoy cleaning their house. In fact, many people do not keep a clean and tidy house at all. My guess, is that the majority of people that do keep a clean house, typically hire a house cleaner.

If you don’t mind doing the work, then there is a lot of money to be made by cleaning houses. This was an idea I thought about doing a few years ago with my ex-wife. But, as it turned out though, she didn’t want to clean houses, nor did I.

Mobile Oil Change Service — This is a business idea that I came up with a few years ago. It is simple to do, doesn’t require a large investment of tools, and there is a huge demand for it.

An oil change can be expensive, time consuming, and very stressful at times. Offering to do the same services on-site, and for a lower price, can be appealing to customers. Launching a mobile oil change business has the potential to be very profitable. Also, it can lead to providing other services such as auto detailing, stereo installations, and minor repairs.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service — I do not enjoy doing the laundry. If there was a business in my town that offered to process my laundry, I would sign up for it.

I believe that people pay money for luxury and convenience. If that wasn’t true, then there wouldn’t be a market for first class air travel, skycap baggage check in, pizza delivery, and body massages.

Grocery Shopping Service — Just like laundry, I do not like to go grocery shopping. I would much rather pay someone $20 to $40 dollars to take my shopping list and pickup the items for me. Time is money, and it takes time to do grocery shopping.

My time is better spent doing things that make money. Paying someone to do trivial tasks can actually save you money. The less time you spend shopping and doing laundry allows you more time to be productive.

Which of these ideas do you think have the potential to change your life, have the potential to earn the most, and have the least amount of risks?

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7 Simple Home-Based Business Ideas That Could Change Your Life, 3.6 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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