7 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

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At the end of the day, running a successful business requires making sales. Even if you don’t have any actual salespeople at your company, you do have some sort of tool that makes sales for you, whether it’s your website, your print marketing materials, your email marketing campaign, or something else. And if you want to get the most sales possible, doesn’t it just make sense to learn the strategies used by the world’s best salespeople?

Here are 7 habits that all highly effective salespeople have.


  1. They set high goals—When I was in school, my dad used to always encourage me to aim for perfection. That way, if I was a little short of my goal, I was still getting a pretty high grade. The best salespeople use this same approach. They set very high targets that might seem overly ambitious, but you can always be sure they’re going to outperform every other salesperson around them because they just don’t settle for mediocrity.
  2. They have a plan—Stop with the “fly by the seat of your pants” marketing approach. Take the time to come up with a plan so you can implement the best strategies for reaching your sales goals.
  3. They know how to listen to their prospects and customers—Selling isn’t just about telling the prospect about your product or services. It’s about listening to their needs so you can present your offering as the right solution.
  4. They ask the right questions—Of course, if you want to get to know the needs of your prospects and customers, you have to ask the right questions. Ask questions that cut to the heart of the problem faced by your target audience.
  5. They focus their pitch on the prospect—The best salespeople understand that customers only care about themselves. They want to know how what you’re selling is going to benefit them. How is it going to solve their problem and better their life? Focus all your messaging on the prospect, not on yourself.
  6. They’re ready for objections and concerns—Throughout the sales process, potential customers will always raise objections. You have to be prepared for the prospect’s objections and present a logical response to reassure them that you have what they need.
  7. They encourage the prospect to take a specific action—Always outline the next steps that you want your target audience to take, whether that’s to call you for more information or buy now.

What are some other habits that highly effective salespeople share? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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7 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople, 3.9 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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