The 5 Types of Linkbait

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Linkbait—the word that gets tossed around on internet marketing blogs thousands of times each week. But how well do you really understand linkbait? Do you understand the different types of it, and do you know which one will work best for your needs?
To shed a little light on the subject, I decided to come up with a list dissecting the different types of linkbait. Hopefully, this will help you in your pursuit of inbound links for your website.


1. Humorous Linkbait- We’re all familiar with humorous linkbait. It’s the type of link that gets forwarded to us from our friends or that catches fire on forums and blogs because it’s so hilarious. Common examples of humorous linkbait are funny photoshopped images, crazy videos, and humorous rants in a blog. People love to laugh online so humor really does well.

2. Controversial Linkbait- Let’s face it—we all love a little drama. That’s why controversial linkbait is so powerful. Whether it’s about a celebrity getting caught snorting cocaine or a contrary opinion about a popular industry topic, controversy is king. It doesn’t matter if people love it or hate it, they’ll link to it because they’re passionate about their point of view.

3. News Linkbait- If you can be among the first to break a hot story in your industry, you’ll be rewarded with a surge of backlinks. Relevance is one of the keys to linkbaiting. Of course, having success breaking news stories on a consistent basis can be challenging, but it certainly pays off to be in the loop.

4. Resourceful Linkbait- To me, this is the best kind of linkbait because it adds the most value to the online experience. Plus, it can be done in virtually any niche. Resourceful linkbait is the content that tends to stand the test of time because it provides so much insight into a particular topic. Common examples of this include how to guides, lists with links to online tools, and handy tips for making things easier. The great thing about resource linkbait is that it continues to attract links for months and even years.

5. Incentive Based Linkbait- Incentive based linkbait is good for a quick surge in links. As its name implies, this is content that gives readers a motivation for getting involved. Usually, incentive based linkbait is a contest or a giveaway of something people want. If you’re looking for a quick boost in online visibility, this can do the trick.


Which types of linkbait do you use? Is one more effective than the others?

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