Take Advantage of Deep Linking Opportunities

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We all understand the importance of having back links pointing to your site. Links increase your visibility, build trust with the search engines, and make your site more relevant for its keywords.

Unfortunately, many site owners don’t take full advantage of linking opportunities. They often cave to the temptation to link back to their home page. But that’s wasteful for a couple of reasons.

1)      You pass up the opportunity to get deep links to your site. Having deep links pointing to specific pages on your site helps build your visibility in the search engines for those keywords deeper on your site.

2)      Home pages rarely convert visitors. A good link points directly to a page discussing the specific matter from the original article. In other words, deep linking gives you the chance to get targeted traffic that’s easier to convert.

Deep linking opportunities are all over the internet. Here are a few of them you can easily take advantage of.

1)      Article and Press Release Directories- Submitting articles and press releases to online directories is helpful for several reasons. One of these is you get the opportunity to increase the back links of your website. Take advantage of this by creating keyword rich deep links to relevant content.  The link should be pointed to a deep page that’s related specifically to the content of the article.

2)      Guest Blogging- You already know how guest blogging can earn you a new following. Another great thing about guest blogging is you can get high quality, relevant back links. Unfortunately, most guest bloggers tend to link back to their home page. Again, take advantage of this opportunity by deep linking to a relevant page.

3)      Your Own Blog- Deep links don’t always have to be from outside sources. If you have your own blog, build up some of those pages deep within your site through interlinking. It’s your blog- use it to create keyword rich deep links to your site. Of course, not all of your links should be to your site. A good blog includes links to outside sources as well.

4)      Answer Websites- The advent of answer websites (like Yahoo Answers) has improved the ability to communicate with your target audience. They provide a great forum for building authority and brand visibility. With these sites, you also get the chance to include a link back to your website. I know it sounds like I’m beating a dead horse, but link to a deep page on your website that’s related to the question being asked.

5)      Forums and Comments- If you’re active online, you probably visit a few forums and read a couple of blogs. You should already be using these sites to build your authority in your industry. You should also be using them to build the deep links to your website. Of course, many blogs have no-follow links in the comments, but that’s not always the point. Targeted traffic is important to. Deep links can help drive targeted traffic to your site.

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