How To Increase PageRank

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Many people get so wrapped up on wanting to score a great PageRank rating on their web site or blog. For me, I can’t say that I really get totally wrapped up in it, but it is important to me because people indeed do look up on their Google Toolbar to see what the ranking is on the sites and pages that they are reading. I’d be telling a lie if I said that I didn’t do it. That in itself makes me believe that others do it to.

PageRank is important. But many people will write posts on their blogs or speak in different public forums about how they don’t care about PageRank or how it doesn’t matter and how unimportant it is, yet, when it comes down to “Update Time” these same people that said it didn’t matter end up getting upset and saying how they felt like they deserved to have a better rank after the update.

To me, that doesn’t make sense. Why say that you don’t care about PageRank when deep inside you really do? At any rate here are some of my thoughts on how you can increase PageRank to your web site, actually these are probably more focused around blogs, but you can definitely use parts of this into your own strategy if you own a web site rather than a blog.


Oh yes.. the good old backlinks. You hear about people talking about backlinks all the time. People write posts on their blogs telling everyone about backlinks. So, if people are telling other people about the importance of backlinks, they why don’t people put more of a focus or invest more time into getting more backlinks.

I think the reason being is that it takes hard work to get backlinks. Aside from paying for backlinks — which by the way can cost you your PageRank — earning backlinks is a difficult job. The only natural way to score backlinks is when you have written content so well or have created a web page so nice, that people feel compelled to link to it or share that particular page with someone else.

Backlinks, I believe in the terms of search engines are the equivalent of “word of mouth.” Meaning, if you’re at a friends how and he tells you about a boat he found for sale that he knew you’d enjoy buying. That is word of mouth. Backlinks should have the same power. When you write content and provide external links for your site visitors, these are links that you personally trust to have value. Those are the backlinks that search engines look for, not paid ones.

Great Content…

If you don’t have great content, then you’re not going to have anyone who will provide links to your pages. If people who visit your site or individual web pages or blog posts don’t like what they see or read, they will never share this information with others. You have to have excellent content in order to get backlinks.

Some ideas of providing great content are to provide something useful for your readers. Strange and off the wall examples that come to mind are, “how to fix your xBox controller” or, “how to rewire a PlayStation controller to work on an Xbox.” You have to be creative and your content totally has to be either entertaining, informative or useful. Remember those three words, they are very important

Entertaining | Informative | Useful.

When you write blog posts, or build web pages you should always ask yourself if what you are building meets or exceeds at least one of those three elements.

Interacting with other site and blog authors…

This is very important. A lot of cases, you may very well be doing an excellent job as a site or blog author, but no one finds your work. You can’t have backlinks unless you have exposure to your work. If you don’t have exposure, you don’t have backlinks and if you don’t have backlinks you don’t have PageRank. So, how can you get exposure without ranking well in the search engines? Answer is simple: go out there and get the traffic yourself.

In order to go out there and get the traffic yourself, you need to be social and interact with many different site authors and blog publishers. You can do this by simply reading blogs that interest you and commenting on their posts. Commenting does many things. One it allows you to build up a relationship with the author and two, it allows their readers to find your own content. Most all blogs allow you to leave a link in the comment form that points back to your own site.

You can also contact site authors who don’t run blogs and compliment their work. You can explain the reasons why you enjoyed their work and explain that you have added a link from your site to the page that you found entertaining, informative or useful. From there, that author may visit your site and find your content entertaining, informative or useful and feel compelled to share it with their site visitors by providing them with a link that points to your site.

All in all, PageRank is something that has to be earned. Google works hard on maintaining a system that provides a scoring metric based on natural behaviors on the Internet. If people naturally link to certain pages, Google will eventually assign a value to that page. It is really as simple as that. So, all in all, just write great content, work hard on getting people to see what you publish and allow nature to take its course. In due time as your pages gain more maturity, you’ll find that people will link more and more to them and soon you’ll discover that your site as well as many of your internal pages on your site have established a PageRank.

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