If Content is King, Community is Queen

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King and Queen

If you’ve been around the Internet marketing world for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Content is King.” For one, it’s true. If you look at most of the successful websites, they have at least one thing in common – great content. And true statements (even though they’re sometimes buried in a cloud of garbage) tend to stick around on the Internet. Maybe you already know this, but I want to talk about a very similar phrase that you may not have heard a lot – “Community is Queen.”

If you think about it, the two seem to go hand-in-hand. If you have an active, thriving community, you’re getting free content on your site. This content (the king) attracts even more members to your community (the queen.) It’s like a marriage made in heaven, with both working in tandem to grow your website and increase your revenue. The problem is that if your king isn’t attractive enough or fresh enough, you’ll have trouble attracting a queen to your online realm. You can still grow the kingdom, but it can be more difficult.

So, the question becomes, how do you attract a queen (community) for your king (content)? Here are some tips:

Money – Diamonds are a queen’s best friend. You’ll find that money can solve some of your early problems in attracting a queen. You don’t have to spend a lot either. Instead of paying for content or writers, what about building a PPC campaign to attract users who will contribute quality content? You should be able to quite easily figure out after a month or so how much it costs you per “good user” that’s adding content to your website. If it seems high, think about this: if you keep them happy, that initial investment can more than pay for itself in quality content generation on your site.

Marriage – Which brings us to the next step – getting “married” to your queen or community. What I mean by this is coming up with a contact of some sort to share revenue with your community – who’s adding a lot of great content. If you look around, there are players (such as Jason Calacanis of Mahalo) big and small using this method. It can be a good way to keep your good contributors around once you attract them. If you get big enough, it’s a smart idea to think about putting up money to reward good writers and content producers (members of your community!) to create even better content.

Divorce – Sadly, this happens in a lot of marriages. The thing is, losing one or two people here and there is to be expected. You don’t want to lose the whole community (the queen), though. This is where it becomes a dance of sorts, trying to make sure everyone’s happy in the multi-person relationship. It can be tricky, but it’s worth it.

There are other connections that can be made, but that’s why the comment area is there! If you have any thoughts about finding a perfect queen for your king, share them below!

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