What Can You Do To Win Back Inactive Email Subscribers?

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Like it or not, your email campaign has them. Every email marketing campaign does. I’m talking about inactive subscribers. These are the people who have mentally and emotionally unsubscribed long ago, but they just haven’t gotten around to actually clicking the unsubscribe button. A few traits of inactive subscribers include:

  • They don’t open your emails.
  • They open them but don’t click through on any of the links.
  • They only occasionally open your emails (maybe when they see an interesting offer, or they just have some time to kill)

What should you do with these people? Your main goal should be to reengage them. You need to find a way to once again spark their interest so that they start interacting and paying attention to you again. You want to get them interested in your offers, and if they aren’t interested any longer, you need to know that so you can drop them from your list.

How can you reengage and win back inactive email subscribers?

  • Find the inactive users—You need to segment the inactive users in your list. To do that, you have to first define what you consider to be inactive. Is it someone who hasn’t opened an email in 2 months? 6 months? Maybe someone who hasn’t ever made a purchase or clicked through on a link? Create a definition for inactive users, and weed them out.
  • Create strong, aggressive win-back mailings that are difficult to ignore—These mailings should have strong offers (incentive-laden messages), and they should be sent in a series over the course of a couple of weeks.  Offer rewards to those who come back and take action. Those who don’t respond to the first message should be placed in a new segment and sent another fresh message. Those who don’t respond to the second mailing should be placed in their own segment and sent a third message.

Your goal is to either win these subscribers back, or at the very least, confirm they’re not interested so you can keep them off your main mailing list.

  • Get rid of the non-responders—After you’ve given them several chances to re-engage, it’s time to cut the portion of your email list that’s just no longer interested in what you have to say. They’re doing you no good being on your list as it causes your open rates and click through stats to get all skewed since they don’t account for people who have mentally unsubscribed long ago.

How do you handle inactive subscribers on your email list? When’s the last time you tried to reengage them?

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