Are You Welcoming Your Email List Subscribers?

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According to EmailStatCenter, only 1 percent of 500 surveyed retailers are sending a welcome series to engage new email subscribers. And while 500 people might be a pretty small sample size, it’s large enough to know that a lot of retailers aren’t sending welcome messages to their new subscribers.

In fact, I can tell you from personal experience that I’m subscribed to the email lists of more than a dozen companies, and not one of them sent me a welcome message when I signed up for their list.

Why is it important to send a welcome message to new subscribers?

First, you want to immediately engage the new subscriber. It’s important to start building that relationship as soon as possible. Otherwise, there could be a gap of a few weeks before you send their first, regularly-scheduled email. And by that time, they may have already forgotten about you or become disinterested in your company.

Most importantly, now is the time when you have the prospect’s attention. This is your big chance to make a strong impression. You may never have their full attention like this again. They gave you their permission to send them an email, and you need to capitalize on it.

So, how can you send a great welcome message to new subscribers?

First, avoid the generic “You subscribed to our list” email. Yes, it is important to confirm that they’ve been added to your email list, but it needs to be engaging.

In addition to confirming that their action of subscribing to your list was successful, you should make sure to thank the prospect for signing up, let them know what they can expect in future emails, deliver the freebie you promised for signing up, remind them how they’ll benefit by staying subscribed to your email list, etc. Even if you didn’t offer a freebie for signing up to your email list, now is a good time to surprise the new subscriber with a sign-up bonus (e.g. coupon, free download, free trial/sample, etc.).

You should also make your welcome message as customized as possible. Ideally, you should know what the reader’s interests are. You can have interest groups tabs added to your email list signup form. You can then customize your welcome message based on what the subscriber is interested in.

Finally, just try to be personable in your welcome email. Now isn’t the time for a bunch of marketing jargon. Have a personality. Make the new subscriber truly feel welcomed.

Do you send a welcome message to your new email list subscribers? What does it contain?

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Are You Welcoming Your Email List Subscribers?, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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