How to Get Customers to Take Immediate Action

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To run a successful website, it’s not enough to rank well and get quality traffic. Those are nice starting points, but unless the people visiting your website convert, it’s really all for nothing. I’ve talked quite a bit about getting more conversions in the past, but today I want to focus specifically on the call to action.

Without a call to action, you have an “actionless” website that doesn’t motivate visitors to do anything with the information you’ve given them.

Here are some simple ways to craft a more effective call to action.

  • Place a time limit on your offer—Say what you want about infomercials, but they’ve always understood the power of time-sensitive offers. And they just work. Same thing goes for home shopping networks. They say, “You have to call in the next 10 minutes if you want to get 50% off your order.” And guess what? People take action.
  • Offer something free—Giveaways are kind of like a gateway drug. They entice people to take action and push them closer to your main goal: getting them to make a purchase. You can offer a free eBook, whitepaper, consultation, product demo, etc.
  • Emphasize the limited supply—If only a specific number of products are available, make sure to point this out in your call to action. It makes readers realize they have to take action now if they want the product because it may not be available later.
  • Show that price has been reduced—Another infomercial trick that always works is they show the old price of the item, then slash through it and display the new, lower price. Visitors love feeling like they’re getting a great deal, so when you’ve reduced the price of an item, emphasize that point to make taking action more desirable.
  • Use a strong guarantee—Online customers are hesitant by nature. They’re wary of doing business with companies they don’t know, and if you want to convince the skeptical customer, you have to remove any roadblocks that keep them from taking action. Stressing your guarantee helps them see they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What are some other specific techniques you use to get immediate action from your visitors? Leave a comment with your best tip.

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Rating: 4.3/5 (2 votes cast)
How to Get Customers to Take Immediate Action, 4.3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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