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If you’re a movie nerd like me, chances are you’ve visited Ain’t It Cool News on at least one occasion (or in my case, a few thousand occasions). It’s the leading source for entertainment news targeted at the “geek” crowd. … Continue reading

7 Reasons Visitors Quickly Bounce from Your Website

Are people leaving your website almost as quickly as they arrived? Bounces happen, but if you have an exceptionally high bounce rate, that’s an indication that your website isn’t functioning the way it should. Something is just not right, and … Continue reading

Opinions Wanted: What is the Best Operating System to Use For Webmastering?

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy computing. I’m a junkie when it comes to computers. Even more, I really enjoy operating systems. For most of my life I have been using Microsoft operating systems. My generation is … Continue reading

An Affordable Way To Get a Dedicated IP Address on a Shared Hosting Account

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How To Transfer Your Website From One Web Server To Another?

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