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How to Get Ready for a Media Interview

Getting interviewed on a blog, podcast, radio show, or even TV show is an excellent way to gain exposure and to build your authority. But being a great interviewee is often easier said than done. I listen to talk radio … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Podcast

A growing number of businesses are using podcasting as a means to increase brand awareness, to connect with their target audience, and to grow their online presence. But to get the most out of podcasting, you need to make sure … Continue reading

A Look Inside Some of Google’s Official Blogs

In addition to the official blog, Google has a lot of other blogs they maintain. For a long time I’ve been wondering how many blogs they operated. I have RSS subscriptions to a few of them, but every day it … Continue reading

Even More Ways to Build Your Authority

Over the past month or so, I’ve written a couple of different posts about gaining authority and establishing yourself as an expert online. Since my last post on the topic, even more ideas for building authority online have come to … Continue reading

How to Create Effective Banner Ads

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post offering tips for buying profitable banner ads. In the post, I mentioned the importance of testing different banner ad designs and copy. That leads me to this post. Today, I want … Continue reading