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4 Signs You Have a Bad Web Host

I just came to a realization. This is the SEO Hosting blog, yet we almost never talk about web hosting. The truth is your web host plays a huge role in helping you build your online presence. If your website … Continue reading

A Blogger’s Festivus: My Airing of Grievances

Christmas is the time of year where many bloggers fondly recall their favorite memories and posts from the past year. Other bloggers look forward to the upcoming year with hope, optimism, and bold predictions. Not me. See, around here, it’s … Continue reading

23 Blogging Rules to Follow

 A few weeks ago, I wrote a post outlining the top 23 copywriting rules. The post was pretty successful, so I thought I’d continue the theme by offering up what I believe to be 23 essential blogging rules. Feel free … Continue reading

3 Rookie Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve worked on several projects where I was hired to clean up the mess left by the last copywriter. For one reason or another, the copy they wrote wasn’t working, and of course, the client wasn’t … Continue reading

8 Essential Website Maintenance Tasks

Routine website maintenance is essential for making sure your website is up to date and functioning properly. Unfortunately, website maintenance is something that often gets overlooked, and as a result, companies aren’t getting everything they should be out of their … Continue reading