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5 Tips for Building a Happier Team of Employees

When your employees are happy, they will work harder, get more done, and help your company be more profitable. Furthermore, a happy workforce makes your job as boss much easier and far less stressful, and don’t forget that it’s far … Continue reading

5 Tips for More Productive Conference Calls

As much as I try to handle client communications through email, I always have clients who want to have conference calls to discuss projects. About the only thing I hate more than sitting on a conference call is driving across … Continue reading

Why Do I Hate Conference Calls?

As a copywriter, I spend a lot of time discussing projects with clients. While I handle a lot of my business over email, there are always clients who want to talk on the phone. Let me just say right off … Continue reading

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Ripped Off Hiring a Freelancer

Not a week goes by that I don’t talk to someone about how they’ve been ripped off by a freelance copywriter or freelance designer. I’ve been a freelancer myself for several years, and while I always take a professional approach … Continue reading

Five Ways To Effectively Advertise Your Home-Based Business (OFFLINE)

One of the keys to success with running a home-based business is identifying ways to advertise it effectively. When I first launched Clarksville Computers, I spent a lot of time making sure that it pulled up in all the right … Continue reading