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New Study Details Reasons People Remove Friends on Facebook

A new study by NM Incite has uncovered the numerous reasons that Facebook users decide to remove friends. This information is important for anyone trying to build a strong community on Facebook. By understanding the reasons people delete friends, you … Continue reading

5 Tips for Building a Better Community on Facebook

Think you can just create a Facebook page and instantly attract a captive audience? Think again. Building a strong community on Facebook takes a lot of work. It also requires constant maintenance. Just because you have a strong community today … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Won’t Follow Someone on Twitter

I’ve started to get a lot pickier when deciding who to follow on Twitter. I’m tired of my feed being littered with nonsensical updates that I have no interest in. That’s why I’ve come up with a quick list of … Continue reading

7 Ways to Increase Engagement on Twitter

According to a recent report from Bain & Company, customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20 percent to 40 percent more money with those companies than other customers. They also demonstrate a deeper emotional commitment to the … Continue reading

Why I Keep My Personal and Professional Social Networking Accounts Separate

The line between personal and professional lives has been blurred greatly thanks to social media. Many of my friends use the same Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with both their close friends and their clients. They believe that mixing … Continue reading