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The Case Against Scheduling Your Tweets

I recently wrote a post detailing the reasons I like to schedule my Tweets. I understand that it’s a topic that many people disagree over. I’ve talked to people who tell me that scheduling Tweets is a terrible idea, and … Continue reading

Is This Link Worth Tweeting?

Sharing links on Twitter is one of the most popular types of status updates. It’s an easy way for you to stay active on Twitter, and it can be a good way to provide useful, interesting information to your audience, … Continue reading

5 Reasons I Schedule My Tweets

  Scheduling social media updates is a hotly-debated topic. Critics say that social scheduling is unnatural and runs counter to the whole point of social media, which is to interact with others. I disagree. Here’s why I schedule some of … Continue reading

Marketing Myths: Part 3—There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to do Social Media

In an ongoing effort to expose bad marketing advice, I’ve created the series “Marketing Myths.” If you’ve missed the first 2 parts of this series, you can check them out here: Marketing Myths: Part 1—Every Customer Should Love Your Brand … Continue reading

5 Signs You’re a Social Media Spammer

I’ve always believed that there’s no one right way to use social media. Use it however you want, and if your followers respond well, then keep doing whatever works for you. However, I do believe there are wrong ways to … Continue reading