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Part of a Successful SEO Strategy Is Just Being Natural

Google and other search engines factor in that many sites online today are produced and published by people who don’t have all that much experience with the Internet, optimizing for search engines, HTML and things of that nature. Over the … Continue reading

How To Communicate SEO To Your Web Developer

“I don’t want to talk about SEO. I don’t believe in it!” claim some web developers when approached about the ever-popular subject. However, you know otherwise. You need to convince your web developer of SEO importance. What is the best … Continue reading

The Relationship Between Search Engines, Optimization and Web Design

The basis of good web design is also often what makes search engine optimization effective in the ability of the search engine spiders to index web pages. Follow the Industry Leader When you are dealing with Google it is important … Continue reading

What Can You Learn from Yahoo’s Shortcomings?

As most of you probably know, Yahoo announced last week that they had ended their talks with Microsoft. Later the same day, Yahoo also announced that they had entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Google. The agreement between Google and … Continue reading

Comprehensive SEO Marketing Strategies Offer Brand Indentity and Content Flexibility

Using an overall SEO view of an organization, to develop a web content strategy, will ultimately lend itself to increased brand awareness, increased product sales and loyalty from a growing customer base. Continue reading