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Optimizing Internal Pages

Though you want to have a good ranking for your homepage, optimizing internal pages is of paramount importance.  Take a look at some of the comments on this here blog.  Commenters will leave different web addresses each time through.  So … Continue reading

Pay Per Click and SEO Strategies

There’s so much fretful emphasis put on search engine optimization that some website owners might think about going straight for pay-per-click – i.e. buying their way into optimization.  After all, search engine optimization costs money.  A professional search engine marketer … Continue reading

When Links Go Bad: SEO Linking Strategies

I’ve talked here about the importance of creating organic content. It has two-fold uses. One, it increases the visibility of your site in search engines via keyword-targeted content. Two, it helps make your site informative and useful to web surfers … Continue reading

Some Things to Know About Developing a Traffic Worthy Site

Developing a highly visited website, a “traffic worthy site”, is essential for your web site’s success. While developing the site, however, you need to keep in mind that not only is your site going to be seen by the human … Continue reading

Blogs vs. Static Content

Should you choose a blog or static content?  Easy answer: Yes.  Both of these things should be on your radar, and the answer should never be, “Either.”  If you’re not using both mediums then you’re not effectively marketing your website. … Continue reading